How to comment

Hello!    Now I want to tell you how to comment posts or pages!

It’s really easy! 

So, there are things, that you should do:

1. Find post or page that you need.                            

2After that, you should read this post or page.

3. Then, you can find a box in the end of the post(or page).                              4. In this box you can see little HTML texts .  

5.When you find HTML text “Comments” , you can click it ,and then you can write your comment!

That’s all, I think!I wrote for you how to comment post or page like I know.

And now, I also want to tell you what comments are accepted!                        That’s really important to write  good,kind and interesting comments!A person,who you wrote a good comment for on his(her) post or page will be happy:)

Then, you should know what comments are not accepted!                              You shouldn’t  write comments such as only greetings (like : Hello,Hi) and rude comments.It’s really bad!

So,that’s all for now!

Thanks for your attention!:)